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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 14, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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fast-moving cia sex scandal. new pictures of the mistress at the center of the storm. paula broadwell, still silent, as the secretary of defense, defends the top american general caught in the scandal, overnight. breaking overnight, a plane with three pilots on board slams head-on into a neighborhood in mississippi, crashing into a house and bursting into flames. a narrow escape for the woman inside. now, new clues about what caused the crash. lottery scam. the elaborate sting to capture two brother who is swindled a father of two out of a $5 million winning ticket. the two brothers are under arrest. the father on top of the world. how lottery officials pulled it off. ♪ hey sexy lady now, look who has gone "gangnam." red hot psy's surprise, aing with madonna in front of 25,000 fans. music's biggest superstar, turning up the heat with the hottest star on the planet last
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night. ♪ >> hello, new york! happy wednesday. we have a lot of new and exclusive details pouring in on the cia sex scandal. it's already cost general petraeus his job as the head of the cia. american's top commander in afghanistan under investigation. we're going to show you, tampa socialite jill kelley on tuesday. it all started with her. there's so many questions about her claims. we're going to hear about her 911 call, where she asked for diplomatic protection. brian ross reporting on that. and the president taking questions about that today in his press conference. >> so much to talk about. breaking, new details on the millionaire software titan at the target of a massive manhunt. our reporter tried to track him down at his home in belize. and the new phone call in which he's defending himself now. >> hello? anybody home? >> strange story there. and here, have you seen this
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video? this woman made headlines for driving around a school bus when it stopped to pick up kids. now, she is forced to hold up this sign. and we'll talk about it this morning. >> there's some punishment. let's get right to our reporters working through the night to get the latest on that washington sex scandal, now going in so many directions. abc's senior foreign affairs correspondent, martha raddatz, starts us off. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. the woman at the center of this, paula broadwell has surrounded herself with lawyers and has said nothing since the scandal broke five days ago. but for the first time we got a glimpse of her here in washington, d.c. overnight, we captured these images of paula broadwell, here inside her brother's home, having a quick dinner and glass of wine. still silent about the accusations swirling around her. caught up in the storm, now, the highly respected general who commands forces in afghanistan, john allen, accused of exchanging potentially
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inappropriate e-mails with tampa socialite jill kelley. but after the pentagon's dramatic announcement about allen earlier this week, overnight, the defense secretary seemed to be backing off. >> no one should leap to any conclusions here. general allen is doing an excellent job at isaf. he certainly has my continued confidence. >> reporter: an echo of what the white house said tuesday. >> i can tell you that the president thinks very highly of general allen and his service to his country. as well as the job he's done in afghanistan. >> reporter: officials tell abc news, that the vast number of e-mails allen exchanged with jill kelley, who sparked the fbi investigation into broadwell and petraeus, show no evidence of any sexual relations. but are friendly and, perhaps, a bit flirtatious. in one note, kelly telling allen she saw him on tv. he responds, thanks, dear. you're a sweetheart.
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meanwhile, david petraeus' sudden departure as cia director has created lots of questions on capitol hill. especially that looming issue, the take in benghazi on a cia facility there. some senators still want to question petraeus about what went wrong. >> i know that we're interested in hearing from him. probably in front of the intelligence committee, which i also sit on. >> reporter: and an official tells us david petraeus will testify tomorrow in front of the senate committee in closed session. george? >> congress ramping up the questions, even as the fbi continues to investigate possible crimes. and abc senior justice correspondent pierre thomas has exclusive details on that. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, george. abc news has learned that paula broadwell, who allegedly had the affair with petraeus, is suspected of storing significant amounts of military documents, including classified material, at her home, possibly in violation of federal law. a source familiar with the case
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tells abc news broadwell admitted she took the documents from secure government buildings. the fbi demanded that all documents be given back. monday night when the agents descended on her home, it was a prearranged meeting. broadwell is cooperating. and the case is complicated by the fact that broadwell was authorized to see the documents because she was an intelligence officer in the military reserve. now, broadwell's fate is in the hands of prosecutors. who must decide whether to charge her. so what will prosecutors do? a lot depends on the nature of the documents. these are nervous days ahead for broadwell. >> what about the fbi agent that jill kelley originally went to? he was taken off the case. became something of a whistleblower. sent her pictures of him with his shirt off. >> reporter: he has been described as a veteran agent with ten-plus years who has a solid career. he is under fbi scrutiny because he called republican members of congress to inform them about the petraeus case. that likely violated fbi
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guidelines, george. >> thanks very much. we've been hearing a lot about paula broadwell. but it was jill kelly's complaint to the fbi about receiving disturbing e-mails that started this entire scandal. brian ross has been tracking kelly's role in this case. brian? >> reporter: good morning. her detractors say 37-year-old jill kelley of tampa is nothing more than a name-dropping, bored socialite. but she got close to two of the most powerful men in the country. and they are paying a price for it. jill kelley spent the day at her home in tampa tuesday, not answering questions. but not really avoiding cameras, either. showing up in a bright, new outfit every day. as she looked out the window of her home, a television set could be seen in the background, with news coverage of the scandal, that has focused attention on who she is and how she ended up in the middle of it all. the license plate on kelley's mercedes-benz shows she is an honorary consul for south korea. and in 911 phone calls, kelley told dispatchers that she
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deserved protection from the media outside because of that. >> i'm an honorary consul general. i have inviolability. i don't know if you want to get diplomatic protection involved, as well. because that's against a law to cross my property. >> reporter: kelley lives near macdill air force base, the home of central command. where friends say she ingratiated herself with the brass through parties and favor. >> jill is known as a gracious hostess, a vivacious individual. >> reporter: this picture was taken two years ago at a party at the kelley home. showing jill kelley's twin sister, natalie, general petraeus, jill's husband, scott, jill, and the general's wife, holly petraeus. >> there's no question, they were friends. and no -- no reason why they wouldn't be friends. >> reporter: but despite her lavish entertaining, court documents reviewed by abc news show that jill kelley and her husband have been sued at least nine times and face foreclosure on their home.
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the kelley home also served as the office for a charity she and her husband, a doctor, once set up for cancer victims, which spent tens of thousands of dollars on travel, meals and entertainment. kelley's twin sister, natalie, has her own legal and financial troubles and lost custody of her son in a contentious divorce proceeding in which she was able to get petraeus, as head of the cia, and general allen, running the war in afghanistan, to take the time to write a letter to the judge on her behalf. one more indication of the connections between these powerful men and jill kelley. president obama is sure to be asked about this scandal when he holds his first postelection news conference today. at the white house. george and diane will lead our live coverage at 1:30 p.m. eastern. josh elliott has the other stories. >> we begin with the breaking news overnight. we saw it at the top of the show. a plane crashing into a neighborhood in jackson, mississippi, right into the house that is now in flames.
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a woman inside managed to escape just in time by jumping out the window. witnesses say they could hear the plane's engine sputtering in the moments before the crash. the three people onboard were killed. in the bitter irony, they were flying to a safety conference being held by the faa. and two washington snowboarders are finally safe this morning, after two nights stranded on mt. rainier. the two got caught in a sudden blizzard with no overnight gear and only a few crackers to eat. but after calling 911, they managed to build a snow cave and hunker down. >> you guys hunker together for a while? >> yes, we did. >> yeah. >> there was a little bit of spooning. >> not going to lie. >> a little bit of spooning to keep warm, right? >> exactly. >> what stays in the cave, stays in the cave. >> the rescue teams fought their way through chest-high snow to bring them dry clothes and snow shoes for the trip down the mountain. and the furor of the power
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outages associated with hurricane sandy has claimed another victim. the head of the long island power company has resigned. and the governor is launching an investigation into the utility's slow response. thousands remain without power now 17 days after the storm. take a look at this. a broken piece of pipe installed during the 1930s is to blame for a thick, messy mudslide that swamped a suburban san francisco neighborhood. the muck buried cars in daly city up to the wheel wells. and a new mystery this morning surrounding congressman jesse jackson jr. the congressman being treated for bipolar disorder left the mayo clinic for the second time and has not said where he was going. he is being investigated for allegedly misusing campaign funds. finally, imagine if something could make a man more faithful. stop the straying and wandering eye. scientists say a hormone called oxytocin may do just that. researchers found when men in monogamous relationships were given the hormone, they kept their distance from women
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thought to be attractive. staying about six inches further away, compared to men who didn't get the hormone. george, don't look at me that way. >> you take it daily or as needed? >> how do you find oxytocin, or whatever it is? >> i'll have that for you in a moment. >> wow. okay. josh, thanks very much. now, to our exclusive interview with paul ryan. mitt romney's running mate was sent back to congress instead of the white house last week. and he sat down there with abc's jon karl to talk about handling the loss and how he and the gop can pick up the pieces. >> reporter: the president wins 300 some electoral votes. every battleground state with the exception of north carolina. does barack obama now have a mandate? >> i don't think so because they also re-elected the house republicans. whether people intended or not,
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we've got divided government. >> reporter: but there was one issue that the president campaigned on, it was raising taxes on the wealthy. every, single speech he gave. >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: doesn't he have a mandate there? the top earners? seeing them play more of their fair share, as the president put it. >> you can do that through loopholes without compromising growth. but what we have learned, history and economics, is that you keep raising tax rates on job creators, it will cost us jobs. >> reporter: could you see yourself supporting a plan that raises tax rates? >> i'm not for raising taxes. this is -- >> reporter: you don't support it? >> i don't support raising tax rates. >> reporter: ryan talked to us about how his family took the loss, beginning with his 78-year-old mother. what did your mom tell you after the loss? >> she was proud of me. >> reporter: she was a celebrity on the campaign trail. >> yeah, yeah, betty. she was proud of me. she gave me a hug and a kiss. >> reporter: was it hard on the kids? >> the kids were great. they're completely resilient. they were worried about leaving
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their school. >> reporter: they were glad they got to stay home. >> they were happy to be able to stay home. we live on the block we grew up on. my brother lives a block away from me. my aunt and uncle across the street. that was the upside of all of this. the downside, we didn't win the election. >> reporter: just a week after the election, ryan made it clear he is ready to get right back to work here in congress. disappointed by that loss, george. but also, returning with a much higher profile than he had before mitt romney tapped him as his running mate. >> he could have gained political capital. okay, jon, thanks very much. now, to the elaborate sting by lottery officials to catch two brothers. they made headlines claiming they had a winning ticket. but the pair is accused of scamming the real winner out of the jackpot. steve osunsami is here with the latest on that. steve, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. here's why when you have a clerk check a lottery ticket to see if you won, you should sign it first and then ask for it back. andy and nael ashkar scammed one
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of their customers out of a winning ticket. and then, tried to claim the prize. andy ashkar claims he bought that winning ticket himself, in 2006, at a syracuse convenience store where he worked. and then waited six, long years to split the money with his brother, because he worried that the cash would negatively affect his relationship with his girlfriend. >> i would hope that at some point in the last six years, he had been convinced that she did marry him for love. >> reporter: lottery officials say that was the first clue. love or not, no one waits that long to claim $5 million. >> $5 million. >> claim it. >> waited until now. >> reporter: but they put out a detailed press release anyway, hoping it would eventually lead them to the winner. prosecutors are calling the brothers cheats and crooks, saying they swindled the ticket from a poor, old customer, authorities are calling john doe. a hard-working 49-year-old father of two, who is on top of the world this morning. in october of 2006, he was cashing in that winning ticket at the ashkars' corner store,
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confused by the number of zeros. >> he made a mistake of trusting the person who sold him the ticket. >> reporter: police say that andy told the man he won $5,000, as opposed to $5 million. and offered to pay him $4,000 on the spot to avoid taxes and other complications. john doe took the cash. >> for six years, he has lived a pedestrian life, struggling and working hard. and i would be just thrilled to death to see his life completely changed around. >> reporter: if convicted, 34-year-old andy ashkar could face up to 25 years for felony charges of criminal possession of stolen property. his 36-year-old brother, nayel, 15 years for grand larceny and conspiracy to commit fraud. in a statement overnight, their lawyers told us the brothers ad adamantly maintain their innocence. and have the strong support of their families and friends. john doe told authorities he had a nagging feeling he was cheated
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that day. here's the happy ending to the story. any day he is expected to come forward and receive that $5 million prize. >> long overdue. >> he gets it even though the deadline passed? >> yes, because he's the real winner. >> fantastic. steve, thanks very much. some heart-stopping video now. made even more startling by the fact that the driver behind the wheel is a prominent doctor, apparently high on booze and drugs and dressed for surgery. abc's rob nelson has the details. >> reporter: video from this fixed traffic camera shows a driver seemingly out of control. watch this car barrel out of a grocery store parking lot and straight into traffic. watch again, slowed down. you see the car travel over the median, going airborne before violently striking a car, which then slams into a truck. >> i got hammered. i thought it was the end of the world. i thought a bomb went off inside the car. >> reporter: behind the wheel, police say, was this woman, 56-year-old kristen howard, a
7:17 am
prominent doctor who prosecutors say was drunk and high on drugs. police say when howard was stopped, she was wearing scrubs. she first told them she was on her way to the hospital. the 78-year-old man she allegedly hit, taken, ironically enough, taken to the same e.r. where police say howard worked. police say they found prescription drugs in howard's car. prescriptions she apparently wrote for herself. >> that were prescribed from dr. howard to kristen howard, which certainly raises flags, your honor. >> reporter: howard has pleaded not guilty to seven charges, including driving under the influence, and drug violations. on monday, her attorney told a judge howard has been struggling with personal issues. >> has a reputation for trying to save lives. and was given the award of doctor of the year, at wesley hospital in 2009. >> reporter: howard was released on her own recognizance but was relieved of her hospital duties. until then, she's been ordered to stay sober.
7:18 am
she's due back in court january 7th. for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc news, new york. >> a lot of luck involved in a lot of people not getting hurt there. >> absolutely. >> that was something. let's get the weather from sam. >> we start to look for pattern changes before we head into the holiday week. we're in the cold pattern for most of the country. luckily, by the time we get into next week, we have mild air and watch it shoot up into the middle of the country. taking over most of the country. the jet stream riding high. there's two wet spots to worry about in the country. one of them is the northwest, watching a few storms come in. and we think we might have coastal storms running up the coastline next week. we have to plan this out and see how close they are. but that could mean the mid-atlantic to the northeast, the other wet zone on the map. here's what's going on today. look at the nice, dry air that moves in. okay, it's a little chilly. it's drier than it was yesterday. boston, 28 degrees. portland, 26. new york at 31. good morning, pittsburgh, at 33 degrees is the way it feels. detroit, about 22 for you.
7:19 am
a quick look at the west coast. we'll show you it's nice and warm. 81 in l.a. 71 in san diego.
7:20 am
>> glance longingly at the santa barbara area. at about 77, 76 degrees today. we love you, santa barbara. >> let's go. who's with me? let's go. let's go. everybody? coming up next on "gma," we have breaking, new details on that millionaire software titan on the run from police. defending himself in a new phone call. our reporter tries to track him down at his house. this mother who made headlines for driving on the sidewalk to get around the school bus, now forced to hold up this sign. what she's saying now. and controversy on the catwalk. why victoria's secret is apologizing, right now. catwalk. why victoria's secret is apologi apologizing, right now.
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♪ target redcard... ♪ target redcard... ♪ save 5% and get... ♪ free shipping! ♪ it's on. hit the sale. ♪ hallelujah. grab your redcard. ♪ ♪ hallelujah! good morning. nancy pelosi has just announced she will continue as house minority leader for two more years. she met with party leaders within the past hour. her decision to stay on is likely to leave the current democratic leadership team almost entirely in place some insteaders believe it would have been easier for president obama to negotiate if she stepped out of the picture.
7:25 am
, earlier accident cleared, carpool lanes and&ó fastrak getting by with no problem, backed west past overcrossings into san franciscoá'b, accident southbound 680 at treat gone, damage is done backing on to 242 and towards contra costa boulevard in the concord pleasant hill area. >> when we come back
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welcome back of the beautiful picture from mount tamalpais looking down on ocean beach, san francisco high clouds this afternoon. temperatures running in the 40s and 50s mainly a few 30s around fairfield into the afternoon one to six degrees warmer than average mid 60s to low 70s from the coast to our inland neighborhoods, looks
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you remember this video.
7:30 am
watch this woman drive up on the sidewalk to get around a school bus. well, now, she's paying for it. here's the sign she's been forced to go out on to the sidewalk and hold on to. she did it yesterday. she's doing it again today. and we're going to hear what she thinks about it all this morning. good morning, america. as you all know, robin is on the mend. great to have amy robach here with us this morning. >> thank you very much. fashion showdown. a big controversy on the catwalk. people calling victoria's secret racist. the lingerie giant pulling one of its newest outfits and issuing an apology. we'll have the latest on that. also, a stunning review overnight. actually ripping into guy fieri's restaurant here. there's the chef in question. our reporter headed to the restaurant down the street here from our studio, to see if it was the most damning review ever written. or if it was, unfornlg latly, spot on. >> you know what my favorite line is? why does the toasted marshmallow taste like fish? >> oh.
7:31 am
>> not good. >> that should never happen. >> real lir? you have made a left turn when you should have made a right. you know what else, guys? i'm shocked. i don't know if you know this yet. there was a major bombshell in the ballroom last night. two huge contenders, our friend, kirstie alley, and gilles marini, ladies, sorry. he was fun to watch. both voted off in a shocking double elimination on "dancing with the stars." we're going to talk with both of the booted couples, live. and we're going to talk about "people" magazine's sexiest man alive, coming up. >> but we have a lot coming up. we begin with the software millionaire on the run, suspected of murder. software engineer, john mcafee, is hiding from police. in the tiny country of belize. and we're learning how and why he's running for his life. matt gutman is in belize. i know it's a scratchy connection. but good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. from just outside john mcafee's compound.
7:32 am
the owner this morning is on the run. wanted by police for questions about the murder of his neighbor just down the street. mcafee says he's changed his appearance, dyeing his hair and his beard black. he's been sleeping on lice-infested mattresses. right now, an entire nation on the lookout for man who admits he is paranoid and quite possibly dangerous. this morning, the manhunt is intensifying for the former millionaire and recluse john mcafee, on the run from police, after being called a person of interest in the grisly murder of his neighbor here in belize. 52-year-old greg faull was found gunned down in his home sunday morning. >> he had a gunshot wound to the back of his head. and he was laying face-up. almost as if the body was posed. >> reporter: abc news learned that mcafee, once considered a software savant, has changed his appearance, dyeing his beard and hair black. in a recorded interview with "wired" magazine, mcafee says he's alone. >> i'm holed up in a place, where the mattress here has
7:33 am
lice. i've never experienced that before. i'm holed up in this place. it has limited contact with anyone. >> reporter: mcafee insists the government here is trying to kill him. "wired" reporter, josh davis, is the only journalist in contact with him. >> he said that he wanted people to believe he was dangerous so people won't attack him or harm him. >> reporter: despite that, davis says the 67-year-old insists he is innocent. according to davis, mcafee first hid from the police by burying himself in the sand, breathing through a cardboard box. >> i am unable to move. that's clear. all the police, all the bdf have my photo. it's a small country. i'm a white man with unique features. if i leave this house, i would be identified instantly. >> reporter: mcafee made his fortune in the '80s, pioneering computer security. but after losing almost all of his nearly $100 million fortune, he moved to belize, where he
7:34 am
bullet a series of compounds. >> mcafee is clearly a complex and eccentric millionaire. just a very strange and paranoid world he lives in. >> reporter: to get a better sense, abc news traveled here, trying to track mcafee down. we found his house. hello? anybody home? he apparently posted men to guard his compound. >> he always had his gun. >> he always has his gun? >> he always has his gun. >> he's got his security personnel. his security guards with him. >> reporter: this morning, police in belize say they want to talk the mcafee and worry he's come unhinged. >> i mean, it begs the question, exactly the state of mind, of course. >> reporter: mcafee says he's alone, without the guns, without the girlfriend he's been known for. without access to his biggest asset, this house, which he is sells for $1.5 million. throughout it all, mcafee is insisting he is innocent, and has nothing to do with the murder down the beach. >> does not feel like this is going to end well. >> no, strange story. we've been showing you a
7:35 am
stunning video of a mother caught on camera, driving around a school bus dropping off children. a cleveland judge ordered her to stand on a crowded corner and hold up a sign. there it is. john muller has more on this. public humiliation? or punishment. >> reporter: you better believe it. today is day two of her punishment. not everyone thought her sign-carrying performance was sincere enough yesterday. so this morning, the judge will personally supervise, while she hold assign saying she was, quote, an idiot for doing what she did. you can find her at the corner of east 38th and superior avenue this morning in cleveland. carrying a sign that says she's an idiot. shena hardin's punishment is for doing something idiotic. the video is hard to believe. watch as she rolls her jeep up behind a school bus, stopped to load kids. not only does hardin not stop, she actually barrels up to the sidewalk to pass. she doesn't do it just once, but twice. the bus driver brought a camera and captured her driving up the
7:36 am
sidewalk again, only this time the cops were waiting for her. hardin is busted. [ laughter ] >> all right. she has been caught. justice has been served. >> reporter: she pled no contest to charges of not stopping for a school bus and reckless operation. >> there you go. you got her now. >> reporter: the judge had a creative penance in mind. ordering hardin to carry a sign for one hour on two-consecutive days, saying only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk. >> it's a nice punishment for her. she should have took another route. >> reporter: while she did hold the sign for much of the time, she kept her headphones in her ears and her face on her cell phone. >> she has been texting. she's been smoking. she's hides her face. she has sunglasses on and it's snowing outside. she don't care. >> reporter: maybe most frustrating, hardin refused to say a word, even a simple sorry. >> do you think you have to apologize to anybody? >> reporter: hardin did issue this statement to abc news. i broke traffic laws, the same as running a red light or
7:37 am
texting while driving. all have the potential for a dangerous outcome. this is a learning experience for me and an example for my daughter. that if you make poor or bad choices, you have to suffer the consequences. shena hardin won't be going forward anytime soon in her car. the judge suspended her driver's license for 30 days. and she has to pay $250 in court costs. >> is sorry so hard to say? >> i agree. how hard is that? >> all right. john muller. >> we wouldn't drive up on a curb to avoid a school bus, either. >> absolutely not. all right, john, thank you. let's get to sam with the weather. >> we're going to start with pictures out of queensland, australia, for a total eclipse. they don't happen often. and when they do only half a percent of the globe at a time can see them. it's hard to get everything lined up -- the sun is moon, and the earth. when you do, the moon can really block the glare of the sun better than anything else. and they get a chance to study the hottest outer ring, the corona of the sun, and
7:38 am
understand why it's such a powerful part of the sun. so it's one of the opportunities to study. also gives us some good pictures. let's look at the board. here comes the front, down through florida. expect these thunderstorms and thunder showers to be rumbling today in the warm spots here, as the front will weaken and stall out, as they do this time of year. watch the low spinning towards the atlanta/charlotte area. that's going to be kind of a cold, wet system there. in comes the milder air we've been talking about over the next couple of days for denver, dallas, chicago, atlanta. look at atlanta crawling up to 62 degrees. dallas getting up to 68 by the time we get to saturday. i'll get >> all of america's weather was brought to you by royal caribbean cruise line.
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josh, amy, george, lara. >> thank you, professor. >> thanks, sam. >> thank you. coming up next, victoria's >> thank[ ringing ] hello? [ sea ] hi! this is the sea calling. ooohhh. don't you love doing homework? no. waking up early? no. cleaning your room? nuh-uh. eating liver? no way! doing chores? all right, a royal caribbean cruise. yes! ♪ [ female announcer ] this holiday season, give the gift of a royal caribbean cruise. [ female announcer ] this holiday season, ♪♪ you can help othersnk along the way. ♪ ♪ a portion of every bottle that they sell goes to fight ♪ ♪ breast cancer and i think that's swell. ♪ ♪ the more you take, the more they'll pay, ♪ ♪ so make them write a big check today. ♪ ♪ and if you're feeling a little slow, ♪ ♪ then 5-hour energy will help you go. ♪
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to making parmesan crusted chicken so juicy so delicious it's your secret to making dinner disappear best foods. bring out the best back, now, at 7:42, with a new look from victoria's secret that has the lingerie giant under fire this morning, accused of racism for a very racy outfit. bianna golodryga has our story.
7:43 am
♪ >> reporter: victoria's secret annual fashion show is practically synonymous with risque. tradling the very fine line of sexy versus scandalous. but by some accounts the latest show strutted across that line, when karlie kloss walked the runway in this native american headress rks belt, and turquoise jewelry. the outfit caused outrage. saying it was an offensive display against native american culture and history. the company responded right away. saying it would not include the outfit when the show airs next month. and issuing this apology, saying, we are sorry that the native american headdress replica used in our recent fashion show has upset individuals. we sincerely apologize as we had absolutely no intention to offend anyone. >> the brand did the right thing by apologizing quickly. this is a tremendous publicity
7:44 am
opportunity for the company. they don't want to mess that up. >> reporter: this isn't the first controversial outfit from victoria's secret. some saying their sexy little geisha, wild thing and country girl outfits promote stereotypes. but another designer, paul frank was met with the same debate in september, after his dream-catching party encouraged his guests to wear the headress. and earlier this months, rock was no doubt fulled their controversial video "looking hot" from the web, the very day after its release. >> i'm surprised that following the controversy of the no doubt video that no one within victoria's secret realized we could be having a repeat performance. >> reporter: karlie kloss, the model that walked the runway in the controversial outfit also apologized via twitter, writing,
7:45 am
i'm sorry if what i wore during the victoria's secret show offended anyone. i requested the outfit be removed from the show. who is "people" magazine's sexiest man alive? so many choices. we're revealing the 2012 choice just ahead. >> sam, you look great in profile. also, "play of the day." guy about to go on the ride of his life. i promise. but -- well, freeze it right here. >> oh, no. >> zip it! [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people, like you, are choosing advil®
7:46 am
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[ male announcer ] it's that time of year. time for campbell's green bean casserole. you'll find the recipe at ♪ campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
7:49 am
here's "the play of the day." >> lots to get to. mostly at sam's expense. >> what? again? >> fair to say, we've had our share of wild rides here on "good morning america." remember, actually, burt the conquerer helped sam face his fears, riding any number of roller coasters. and then, of course -- >> that was the one that was horrible. >> that was unbelievable. then i lost a bet with sam so i
7:50 am
had to go ride the x-flight at six flags with him. i still haven't forgiven you, sam. you're shunned right now. you're reshunned. it's fair to say that this one takes the cake. check out this guy, gearing up for a ride on the slingshot. >> i don't like the name. [ screaming ] >> what's that coming up? >> i don't know. >> i think he can't breathe. >> no, he can breathe. >> oh. >> a necklace. >> oh, my goodness. >> wow. >> that sounds like torture. >> that's my question, sam. why? why? >> because sometimes it's fun. [ screaming ] >> no. there's nothing fun about it. >> are they going to smile at the end of this ride? >> are they happy when it's over? >> terra firma is always a good thing. so i hear. sexiest man alive, next.
7:51 am
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7:56 am
good morning. san francisco officials say the third and fourth floors of city hall will not reopen until power is restored this afternoon the building is running on generator power after a fire last night. the small fire caused sprinklers to spray water in parts of the basement. meteorologist mike nicco has our forecast. good morning. compared to 24 hours ago one to six degrees warmer most of us in the low 70s today, a few mid to upper 60s 40s and 50s tonight partly cloudy sky, wet weather starting tomorrow through monday. earlier stall, bay bridge upper deck past tunnel now clear still backed beyond the west grand overcrossing towards the macarthur maze northbound 85 at camden
7:57 am
accident there.
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ if you want to scream
8:00 am
good morning, times square. cold, too. a big crowd out in force this morning. in their hats and their mittens and their scarves. a big shoutout to robin roberts, on the mend. >> hi, robin. >> hey, robin! >> and amy robach is here today. >> yes. and we are about to find out, it's been a probing question for all of us at the desk, especially these three men, who is the sexiest man alive? bradley cooper scored the top spot last year. and lara has been toying with us because she knows. >> she knows. she knows. >> she knows the answer. >> we have three viable candidates sitting among us. we have some of the best-looking men in tv. i'll let you know who scored the top spot coming up. and then also ahead, get ready to pleat the woman who looks like a real-life barbie.
8:01 am
>> that's not a person. >> yes, it is. >> she is a model who turned herself into a living doll. >> is she airbrushed? >> that's a woman. and we'll explain why she turned herself into a living doll and why. >> she says it's all makeup, too. >> how do you -- >> are you left speechless? >> yeah. yeah. this one, i am. yeah. >> is that real? >> i don't know. we're going to find out. >> sarina, i know you're watching. she's a little under the weather today so i know she's watching. she just called and said she just throwed up. honey, don't watch that story about the living doll. we do have a stunning review. we were just reading it here, overnight. guy fieri's new flagship restaurant here in times square. not feet away. our reporter actually went there for a taste test of her very own. was it the most damning review ever written? >> wow. >> or was it right on target? >> wow. >> or something in the middle? >> wow. and another shocker this
8:02 am
morning, by the way, a shocker in the ballroom. two fan-favorite couples getting the boot in one night on "dancing with the stars." double-elimination round. we asked the burning question, is there any sexy left on the dance floor because kirstie, gilles, maks and peta are gone. they join us this morning. i mean, look. >> they're my favorite people. and to me, the show took a hit. >> i gotta tell you. i love that foursome there. >> the crowd did not like it, either. they booed last night. we begin with breaking news. david petraeus will testify tomorrow on capitol hill behind closed doors about the taken to u.s. consulate in libya. that, despite the ongoing sex scandal that forced him to resign last week. his mistress is suspected of storing significant amounts of military documents, including cass classified material at her home, this, in possible
8:03 am
violation of federal law. the top commander in afghanistan, john allen, is also under investigation. he's accused of exchanging potentially inappropriate e-mails with tampa socialite jill kelley. officials say most e-mails show no evidence of any sexual relationship. the president is expected to answer questions about the scandal this afternoon. we'll carry his news conference live here on abc at 1:30. congresswoman nancy pelosi announced she's not retiring. she will stay on as my or not speaker. meanwhile, the woman at the center of an eye-opening smalltown swindle is expected to change her plea to guilty today. prosecutors say that rita crundwell, a prominent horse breeder, stole some $53 million from the taxpayers of dixon, illinois, while she was city
8:04 am
treasurer there to fund her lavish lifestyle. and three onboard a small plane were killed after crashing into this neighborhood in jackson, mississippi, last night. a woman inside the house that you see here burning, actually managed to jump out of the window to escape. the pilots on the plane, who were all killed in the accident, were flying to a safety conference. in kansas, a train carrying coal derailed outside a house east of topeka. the crash sent a three-foot section of steel rail flying through the air and through the window of a house and into a boy's bedroom. it landed on the bottom bunk of his bed. fortunately, he was sleeping on the top bunk -- >> whoa! >> -- and was not hurt. remarkable story there. fanl lie, the arch duke diamond was picked up for a cool
8:05 am
$21.5 million. that's the vise of a strawberry. the bobble, colorless, flawless. >> 76 karats. is that big? >> it's huge. >> $21 million. >> and a half. the $21.5. >> that's the rock. thank you, josh. time for "pop news." >> let's get right to it. >> we've been guessing all morning long. "people" magazine, you nailed it again for making your choice for the sexiest man alive 2012. here are some clues. according to the folks who make the picks, this man has captivating eyes, a killer body. and he can cook. he gives a great massage. that's a perk. and, oh, yeah. he can dance, magically. magically. >> one of your favorite movies. >> oh this movie is just magic. and so is this man. "people" magazine wants you to know channing tatum is more than just piercing eyes and that
8:06 am
chiselled body. not that we had noticed, amy. the alabama grad 32-year-old actor also is a sculptor. and he loves to read and quote edgar allen poe. >> what doesn't he do? >> a true renaissance man, i dare say. you can read more about channing and the other sexy men when the magazine hits newsstands on friday. congratulations, channing. i'd like you to consider some of our sexiest men alive for consideration in 2013. >> thank you, lar. >> coifed channing. >> that's been the gift for months. >> we have video. if you guys danced like channing, you might stand a chance. >> oh, no. no way. >> this video -- >> do not do it. don't do it. >> there's a certain video out there, that i guarantee would get them on the list. >> oh. >> moving on. moving on. will the next "bachelor" be cheryl burke? could two tv shows in our world be colliding? cheryl has been on "dancing with the stars" for almost a decade.
8:07 am
and she says she still hasn't met mr. right. she says that is the problem. she tells "us weekly" she may take drastic action, confirming she has met with executives from "the bachelorette." and if they are to ask her to do a show, she says she will jump at the chance. the problem is she's married to her work and rarely meets new people. and she's with the same folks all the time. this would be a way to get 25 dates guaranteed. >> i like this show. this idea is very good. >> she's so adorable. >> yeah. she deserves to find the right guy. that would be perfect. >> so, we voted for her on that. and we're trying to vote for you on that list. guess who has gone "gangnam style "? even madonna can't get the korean rap song out of her head. she invited psy to perform with her at madison square garden. the pair riding the imaginary ponies. as they performed the song
8:08 am
together and one of madonna's songs. and they also performed "music" to the delight of 20,000 fans. before the appearance, psy tweeted -- i think tonight i'm going to dance with a friend and make some history. there you go. >> maybe a little bit of history? >> he did. history. >> small-age history. >> thank you, george. history made at san diego zoo. their baby panda finally has a name. it's been 100 days since he was born chrks, which is when chinese tradition says the little guy can be named. the cub was dubbed xiao liwu, which means little gift. and he may need to be called big gift soon. he is expected to weigh over 200 pounds within 18 months. congratulations there. and finally, everybody, listen up. it's time for the "pop quiz." listen up. but don't call out answers. which stylish woman just scored top spot on "in style's" annual best dressed list?
8:09 am
we'll have the answer for you in just a moment. emma stone? kate middleton? victoria beckham? you'll find out. >> come on, we know that one. >> you know that one? >> i hope i'm surprised. we're going to hold that until we get the weather from sam. >> good morning, everybody. 14 years. >> 14 years. >> and you're still hanging around with him. >> i like him a little bit. he's my best friend. >> where is he? >> right here. >> tell me your name. >> jessica. >> and? >> jared. >> congratulations. what is your hometown? >> rock hills, south carolina. >> welcome in. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we thought we'd show you. we'll start with a live shot this morning. this is the way it's looking in new orleans. by the way, you know, kind of -- it's a little chill. but it's only five to ten degrees cooler than it would be in new orleans. look at the numbers. in the afternoon, you get up higher. new orleans is 43. jackson, 34. memphis, 35. dallas, you're 43 this morning. in comes dry air. it has been wet for almost two weeks in portland, eugene, seattle, sea-tac area.
8:10 am
now, you get a dry moment. but by the time we get to the end of the week, there's more rain coming your way. enjoy it. steelers or ravens, right? steelers? >> hi, kennedy. >> we have to go back inside to lara. >> let's go. >> okay. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu," everybody. barbie girl. how this woman transformed herself into a living doll.
8:11 am
ballroom shocker. kirstie, gilles, say it isn't so. we're so sad to see them go. both of these guys bringing their a-game. they're joining us live to talk about getting the boot. and natural secrets for whiter teeth. all that and more, coming up on "good morning america." [ male announcer ] we are not for everybody.
8:12 am
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8:16 am
the patch of broadway farms is up and running. we answer our pop quiz. the question, which stylish woman just scored the top spot on the "instyle" u.k.'s annual best-dressed list? >> oh, oh, oh. >> what do you think, sam? >> i'm going with "b." >> obviously, "a." >> you are wrong. >> you are shameless. >> you are shameless. >> everybody here thought it was "b." the answer is "a," emma stone. >> amy got it right. >> emma. >> the boys -- >> we were totally wrong. >> way wrong. >> way obvious. >> we're not happy about that. >> emma stone definitely looks beautiful. this next story is a little questionable. everyone is scratching their head. the model that formed herself into a real-life barbie. she first made headlines in april. for her doll-like image. and many were wondering if her transformation was the result of plastic surgery and photoshopping. this morning, a brand-new photo
8:17 am
shoot and an interview is answering those questions. paula faris has the story. >> reporter: her gorgeous legs and flawless figure have made barbie the blue-eyed blonde every little girl wants to own. ♪ barbie small ♪ and so petite >> reporter: but valeria lukyanova wanted to look like the popular doll. so this 21-year-old buxom blonde has transformed herself. and in the process, created a controversy. >> she is passionate about looking like a doll. and she's getting plenty of coverage for it. what message is that sending to young girls? >> reporter: this morning, lukyanova is firing back, posing for these photos in the new issue of "v" magazine's power girl issue. just look. from the italy bitty waist, to the doe-like eyes, she looks every bit like barbie. but in the magazine article, out november 15th, lukyanova denies having expensive cosmetic surgery.
8:18 am
saying there are plenty of video clips on the internet showing what i really look like. and some people spread rumors about me and retouch my photos to hurt me. her spokes pern says she had a breast enhancement. but she says she achieves her look through makeup. this youtube video shows a ten-minute tutorial how she does it. she lives on an almost all liquid diet. and credits mountain climbing to help her keep her physique. critics are crying foul. >> if her goal is to get attention, it's working. >> reporter: for her part, lukyanova takes the criticism in stride. i don't take them too seriously, she says. i'm even flattered. it's what success is like. i'm happy i seem unreal to them. it means i'm doing a good job. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> is that attractive, though?
8:19 am
>> i -- sometimes there's no words. >> that's a little creepy. >> way creepy. >> i don't think an all-liquid diet is a good thing. >> and to look like a wax figure is not. >> to aspire to that is disappointing. >> agreed. we can leave it at that. let's go to "dancing with the stars" right now. double-elimination week. that means double the disappointment for so many dancing fans. take a look. >> the couple with the lowest overall total of judges scores and viewer votes from the last two weeks and therefore leaving the competition right now is -- kirstie and maks. the remaining couple with the lowest overall total of judges scores and viewer votes for the last two weeks, therefore leaving the competition right now is -- gilles and peta. [ audience booing ] >> you can hear the crowd there. they all join us now, though. kirstie and maks, gilles and peta. live in los angeles this
8:20 am
morning. thanks for getting up, guys. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> you could hear the disappointment in the crowd last night. how are you guys feeling this morning? >> we're in good company of losers. >> we're good. fantastic. >> sorry. >> that's a different approach. everyone, a champion this time around. these are really -- they're truly all-stars. the competition's been especially tough this year. >> you think? >> it was pretty intense. but we had a good time. >> i love this tweet you sent out yesterday, kirstie. everyone has lost their minds all up in here on "dwts." and that's a great thing. how has everyone lost their minds? >> yesterday, was just so good and crazy before the show. everyone was -- you know, we have sort of all gone wild. because -- think everyone's working really hard. and we're tired. it's just sort of -- there was a great freedom yesterday. it was crazy fun.
8:21 am
>> maks, what is kirstie going to do without her psychiatrist? that's what you called yourself on last night's show. >> i didn't call myself that. i said i'm probably the worst for the job. but -- >> but you've got it. >> i think we're going to have -- yeah. well, listen. i tried my best to do what i could with what i had. >> what? did you notice everybody else is really sweet on their interview. and maks is like, i'm a psychiatrist. >> we had fun. we had fun. >> i could tell. gilles, your tweet last night, my daughter just told me, she wished she was my partner on dancing. how did she take the news? >> yeah. she said -- actually, she took it really well. i went home. and she was taking a bath. and she said she's going to build up a mirrorball for me that would have more sparkle than the one for the show. so i guess she took it right. and i don't have to say so much about it. she is very positive.
8:22 am
she's been more positive than i am right now. so, it's good. >> well, that is good. you guys are all good sports. it's great to see you out this morning. one quick question, maks, before i let you go. how is the movie career coming along? >> who, oh, mine? >> yeah. >> or other people? yeah. i'm having fun. i'm looking forward to opportunities. honestly, i just want to get some sleep. to be honest with you. i love you guys. but this is way too early for this. >> it is a little early in l.a. thanks, maks. >> we'll start with that. >> okay. you all can see "dancing with the stars" on monday at 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. lara? >> thank you, george. now, to the secrets for brightening your smile. whitening your teeth at the dentist does not come cheap. what if we told you that the key to sparkling pearly whites might be right in your kitchen? becky worley shows us. >> reporter: the pursuit of the perfect smile.
8:23 am
to get those pearly whites extra white, dental and drugstore treatments can be expensive. awkward. but secret foods to make teeth sparkle? actually, easy. they're already in my kitchen. let's start with snacks. like some of your favorite fruits and vegetables. apples, celery and carrots. they work by scrubbing your teeth clean with their crunchiness. >> they stimulate the saliva in your mouth. the saliva will wash away plaque. and discoloration in your teeth. >> reporter: and mint leaves contain mineral compounds that can cover your teeth and protect them from stains. this stuff is preventing stains. great excuse for wine and cheese. snack on a cube before drinking your wine. the cheese coats the teeth with a film that guards against
8:24 am
stains. now, for my very unscientific experiment. wine, cheese. my right front teeth have cheese on them. the left, don't. look what happens after a little bit of wine. the left side has more spots from wine residue. now, for home remedies. try rubbing the white part of an orange peel on your teeth. it can help remove tartar accumulation. now, add a little lemon juice to baking soda. you get your own at-home whitening kit. >> the baking soda can be very abrasive. if you are going to do this, it should be very limited. >> reporter: are my teeth whiter? you be the judge. at least i ate healthy, had delicious hors d'oeuvres. and now, fresh breath. for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. >> look at those pearly whites. and now we're joined with beauty and fashion expert greta monahan. thanks for coming. you brought examples. >> these foods are naturally abrasive.
8:25 am
becky touched on apples and carrots and selly. all of the raw vegetables, the crudite, they scrub your teeth. think of them as nature's toothbrush. >> and you will see a difference? >> absolutely. they scrub away and work while you're eating. >> why would we have red wine in a whitening segment? >> it's one of the biggest culprits next to coffee. one of the things she was talking about is hard cheese. milk and dairy products have lactic acid, lara. so they really, automatically, like a skin peel, they exfoliate your teeth. dairy products being, if you eat a piece of cheese before, you're protecting the red wine. but also on the milk, add it to your coffee and it protects the protective film on your teeth so it's aloof to staining.
8:26 am
>> that's a great tip. these are the blockers. >> and the green leafy, is also, not many people realize. but kale, broccoli, base basil, contains a film on the teeth. >> normally, when you say film on the teeth. >> it sounds nasty. >> but in this case, it's a good thing. >> dentists say it's a great thing. >> tell me about the strawberries. >> here, you have the acid group. these are the lifters. lemons and oranges, all lift off, just like your dishes. what you may not know is strawberries contain acids. rub them on. eat them. they're great for your teeth. >> we want to thank you, greta, for being with us. great tips. check out our website. coming up, a scathing review for guy fieri's restaurant just down the block. guy fieri's restaurant just down the block.
8:27 am
good morning. crews are out in daly city to shore up the hillside where a reservoir pipe ruptured yesterday and sent water and mud on to the streets below with rain expected this weekend the area will be covered with hay and sandbag absorb moisture and prevent more mud from sliding down the hill. crews worked all day yesterday cleaning up. >> let's see how your commute is going. >> tough at the bay bridge new stall westbound treasure island tunnel in the right lane traffic backed up behind the west grand overcrossing metering lights on. north -- west 580 past north greenville accident in the median, multi-cars there. >> temperatures in the=x+ñ
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back. if you are stepping out we are in the 40s and 50s, 63 at half moon bay easterly wind better part of the morning easterly land breeze is going to bring warmer than average temperatures today one to six degrees warmer than yesterday, 70° range in most areas. starting tomorrow, late
8:30 am
♪ here i come you and i dance from night until dawn ♪ ♪ ready or not here i come ♪ ♪ here i come you and i dance ♪ ♪ through the night till the dawn ♪ ♪ ready or not here i come ♪ bridgit mendler, star of "good luck charlie." she's been singing since she was 6 years old. her new solo album. great to have her. robin is at home recovering. great to have amy robach here. we have a review, that shreds guy fieri's flagship restaurant here in times square. did the review go too far? or was it on the mark? our reporter head there's to find out more hes. tough words. speaking of tough, george going without the coat. >> it was george forgetting the
8:31 am
coat this morning. i'm really cold. >> also, an exclusive -- you're hearty, as well. one of the biggest movies coming next year. oz, the great and powerful. the story of that wizard from his perspective. >> going to be a great story. and do not lock down your thanksgiving plans without this man's advice. emeril lagasse. emeril, i smell bacon. >> soup. >> it's a soup. >> could you use a little soup right now? >> i could use a little soup. all of this coming up with emeril. some of our thanksgiving dishes. >> you love your bacon. >> i do. >> who doesn't? and james spader is here. he stars in the new movie "lincoln." >> a fun part. >> he is so fun to watch him act. we look forward to hearing from him. amy? let's get straight to the restaurant review, scathing to say the least. it's gone viral overnight. a new york times critic slamming
8:32 am
guy fieri's flagship restaurant. saying the service is bad. the food, even worse. we sent abc's linsey davis to check it out. she joins us this morning. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: not so bad getting dinner last night. you know guy fieri from his hit shows, "diners, drive-ins and dives," where his personality makes him one of the food network's hottest stars. but his new restaurant, not so popular, if you listen to "new york times'" pete wells that must like shish kebabs because he secured the restaurant. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> reporter: his new times square restaurant, guy's american kitchen and bar, a massive 500-seat, 3-story spectacle, has been chopped to shreds by restaurant critic, pete wells of "the new york times." what some are calling the meanest or the best review ever.
8:33 am
wells offers fieri a first person review. offer asking the chef scathing questions. when you hung that sign by the intans that says welcome to flavor town, were you just messing with our heads? and did you notice that the menu was an unreliable predictor of what actually came to the table? here, we have the calamari, which he calls unsalted squid rings. i'm no restaurant critic. but late tuesday, i ordered some of the dishes the paper picked apart, to see if the food could possibly be as bad as the latest assault suggests. not unsalted. but not the best calamari we have. the awesome pretzel chicken tenders that taste like chewy air. not awful. these are the fries that he says walked down a long, refrigerated hall. they are actually greasy. but they're not cold.
8:34 am
they're hot and spicy. after dinner, we thought it was only fair to get the manager's take on all the criticism. >> it seems less factual and more personal than i feel was necessary. >> reporter: wells tells abc news, he stands by his review. but many are now asking if fieri is, indeed, getting his just desserts. >> it's delicious. >> reporter: or if this is a case of power grapes. fieri did not give us a comment or response. about a month ago to address the niche onslaught of critics. we can't have eight restaurants doing it wrong or at least that wrong. >> scathing. >> thanks so much for braving that food there. we appreciate it. let's get a last look at the weather, plus the sneak peek of "oz." sam, over to you. >> this is going to be good, amy. this sounds like a really good movie, doesn't it? if "wicked" can be a great show
8:35 am
on broadway, telling you more of the story, we have the exclusive first look at "oz," which tells the story from the wizard's point of view. the cast includes james franco, mila kunis, and here is the worldwide premiere exclusive look of "oz: the great and powerful." >> i don't want to be a good man. i want to be a great one. am i dreaming? >> you're in oz. and this is endora, the good witch. this is my sister, evanora. >> the treasure of oz belongs to you. but only after you defeat the wicked witch. >> i waited for you to come and set things right. >> me? >> did those crows just say we're going to die? >> i might actually be a wizard.
8:36 am
>> you're capable of more than you know. >> you're capable of more than you know. you're the great man we've been waiting for. >> "oz: the great and powerful" opens march of next year. i can't wait for that. your twitter and facebook pictures. how about san diego, california, ladies and gentlemen. looks good. so does knoxville. in comes the rain in the southeast. that renegade low will develop somewhere between atlanta and south carolina. with that, raleigh, colombia, jacksonville, tampa, tallahassee, getting isolated showers. a little renegade low. it's an unofficial term. denver, chicago, atlanta, dallas. you're getting a warm-up in the next couple of days. let's hope that warm air. emeril's like, can we all go to oz? >> they have heat over
8:37 am
>> all of that weather was brought to you by oh, josh? >> oh, sam. emeril, great to have you here. the countdown to thanksgiving. he has special twists on all of your traditional dishes. you can find the recipes on on yahoo! let's dive right in. >> the hot soup. >> what have we got? >> the first thing we're going to make, everybody has been asking, what do i make for thanksgiving? this is a potato leek soup. by the way, if this was summer and it was this cold, it would
8:38 am
be. we're going to add the leeks. if you add the leeks first, the water won't crisp the bacon up. a little salt, a little pepper, we're going to add in here now. and basically, from there, what we're going to do is this. we're going to add -- once that sweats down about four or five minutes, we're going to add a touch of white wine, optional. then, you're going to add your aeromatics. >> that's mandatory in my house. >> all of the aeromatics. peppercorns, thyme and bay leaves. that goes in there. once that cooks, what we're going to do is add the potatoes. there's no rue in this soup. there's no flour. the potato's going to be the thickening. chicken broth. bring it to a boil. simmer for 20, 25 minutes. and it sort of looks like this. now, if you want it chunky, like so, okay? then, you can leave it just like that. some people like it chunky like that.
8:39 am
>> yeah. >> if not, you can use a food processor or blender. that way, you can do -- don't get frightened. and what you can do is just blend it like that. until it's a puree. >> don't let josh do that. >> at the end, this is option optional. sour cream or creme fresh. and chives right there. >> it's good. >> i have another soup that you may be interested in. we are wondering, this time of the year, what kind of vegetables can we use? carrots. this is a roasted carrot and apple soup that you roast the carrots. it has a little ginger creme fresh at the end. that's optional. and of course, everybody is looking, what kind of salad? what salad is different that i can do. >> that's a tough challenge. >> orange segments, fresh greens, goat cheese and a simple vinaigrette. it is absolutely delicious.
8:40 am
you'll see also, instead of red onion, which you can use, i use shallot. it's not as strong as a red onion. and it really is flavorible, delicious recipes for thanksgiving. >> beautiful and down to your feet warm. >> all of the recipes, on yahoo! you can also send us your thanksgiving cooking questions. our experts are going to answer them all on thanksgiving morning. this guy's going to teach us what to do with leftovers. coming up, james spader, star of the new movie, "lincoln," coming up. go nowhere.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
back with a look at "lincoln" and comic relief and comic politics comes from a trio lincoln hires. watch james spader steal this scene. >> congressman cheats 2,000 bucks. >> the president would be unhappy to hear you did that. >> will he be unhappy if we lose? >> the money i managed to raise for this endeavor is only for your fees, your food and lodging. >> uh-huh. that squirrel-infested attic is any measure, it ain't much. >> shall we get to work?
8:44 am
>> and james spader joins us now. you had so much fun with this role, didn't you? >> just a ball. >> you play william -- >> w.n. bilbo. >> we see him with william seward. you're the guy hired to get the 13th amendment through the congress. >> the administration had to be careful not to get lincoln's hands dirty with the lobbyists. still going on today. they were amateurs at that time with it. i mean, they had -- the lobbyists had been active in washington since the 18th century. since the very beginning of congress. but these three guys that are in the film, you know, they all have different professions. they all did different things. >> but they came in for this big project. they didn't get lincoln's hands dirty. >> he ends up -- >> you're used to the iconic abe
8:45 am
lincoln. but you show him in this movie, willing to do what he needs to do to get it done. >> he had to. every day, he was such a tremendous loss of life going on. and yet, he felt it was absolutely paramount that the amendment pass before the end of the war because the emancipation proclamation was not going to stand up in court because it was a war act. as soon as the war was over, if this amendment wasn't passed, they were going to be right back where they were when they started. >> he wasn't going to let it happen. on the set, you got to work -- it was some of the best actors in the business. steven spielberg, directing. and i love the way you describe the set. an 1865 cocoon. >> we shot in richmond, virginia, which is very much of that time and place, even today. you know? every historical monument. every historical place. you're surrounded by
8:46 am
battlefields. all of our stages were set up in a studio near cold harbor and petersburg. and my first day on the set was in the house of representatives. and i walked in. and it looked like, you know, a motorcycle gang convention with whiskers and beards and long hair. it was, you know, over 100, you know, whatever. extras and horsemen who were everywhere. it was fantastic. >> i could tell. you brought so much to the role. >> thank you. >> it's a fantastic movie. >> thank you, george. >> "lincoln" opens nationwide on friday. and coming up, bridgit
8:47 am
8:48 am
we're back, now, with bridgit mendler, the talented star of disney channel's "good luck charlie." 19 years add and a showbiz vet. her album "hello, my name is"
8:49 am
debuted in the top 30. i want to welcome yu to "good morning america." >> thank you. >> so much going on in your life. we watch you all the time with my kids on "good luck charlie." the new season, you'll go into production again after the new year. and something exciting. you're going to college. >> i am. >> congratulations. >> usc. i have a few usc band members back there. >> nice. i love it. how do you juggle it all? >> it's prioritizing. you have to make some time for some stuff and time for others. and always make time for family and friends. >> great advice. bridgit mendler with her big hit, "ready for not." >> thank you. ♪ ooh ♪ i'm the kinda girl who doesn't say a word ♪ ♪ who sits at the curb and waits for the world ♪ ♪ but i'm about to break out about to break out ♪ ♪ i'm like a crook tonight
8:50 am
♪ i caught you staring at me and i was thinking clearly ♪ ♪ and now, i'm like a bee and i'm huntin' for the honey ♪ ♪ and i'm kinda shy but you're super fly ♪ ♪ yeah i could be your kryptonite ♪ ♪ like, oh, oh, oh light my heart up, baby ♪ ♪ like a matchstick oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ and hit the gas quick ♪ ready or not here i come ♪ ♪ where you at? the night is young ♪ ♪ in the crowd the music's loud ♪ ♪ but i will find you ready or not ♪ ♪ here i come i like your face ♪ ♪ do you like my song? just sing it ♪ ♪ la, la, la, la, la, la and i'll find you ♪ ♪ ready or not ready or not ♪ ♪ hello, my name is nice to meet you ♪ ♪ i think you're famous where have i seen you? ♪ ♪ you'll be my william i'll be your kate ♪
8:51 am
♪ livin' like a fairytale we could have a palace ♪ ♪ right next to oprah 37 cars and a yacht ♪ ♪ down in boca take me away ♪ ♪ wherever you say yeah, we could be setting sail ♪ ♪ like, oh, oh, oh light my heart up, baby ♪ ♪ like a matchstick oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ and hit the gas quick ♪ ready or not here i come ♪ ♪ where you at? the night is young ♪ ♪ in the crowd the music's loud ♪ ♪ but i will find you ready or not ♪ ♪ here i come i like your face ♪ ♪ do you like my song? just sing it ♪ ♪ la, la, la, la, la, la and i'll find you ♪ ♪ ready or not ready or not ♪ ♪ ready or not here i come ♪ ♪ here i come you're like a breath ♪ ♪ of fresh air in my lungs you and me dance ♪ ♪ from the night to the dawn
8:52 am
ready or not ♪ ♪ here i come boy, it's on ♪ ♪ ready or not here i come ♪ ♪ here i come you're like a breath ♪ ♪ of fresh air in my lungs you and me dance ♪ ♪ from the night to the dawn ready or not ♪ ♪ here i come boy, it's on ♪ ♪ ready or not the night is young ♪ ♪ in the crowd the music's loud ♪ ♪ but i will find you ♪ do you like my song? just sing it ♪ ♪ la, la, la, la, la, la and i'll find you ♪ ♪ ready or not you're like a breath ♪ ♪ of fresh air in my lungs ready or not ♪ ♪ ready or not ready or not ♪ ♪ ready or not boombada, boombada, boombada ♪ ♪ ready or not
8:53 am
[ cheers and applause ]
8:54 am
8:55 am
we have one more song from bridge it mendler.
8:56 am
you can check it out online at on yahoo! lara, up to you. >> tomorrow on "gma," a special "deals and steals." it's our celebrity edition. >> if you wanted to know what it looks like when we were dancing, it was almost like this. but you're never going to see it, america. thanks for watching.
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good morning i'm kristen sze. eye firefighter suffered a minor arm injury helping to -- to put out a fire this morning. four people got out safely before flames spread to the second floor no word on what caused the . mike has a warm forecast. temperatures above average t -- warmer than yesterday by one to six degrees. low 70s in many areas a few mid to upper 60s high clouds and sun, 40s and 50s tonight rain comes in thursday night with chances through monday. oakland westbound 580 past 13 accident has things jammed to the bay bridge toll. metering lights remain on, bumper-to-bumper even from 880 in oakland to the maze you will have a delay in behind the tolls. announcer: it's "live! with ll


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